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Detailed Product Description


Professional Engineering Mechanical Cleaner, TEPO-AUTO Bus Truck Wash Machine


Autobase Wash System Co., Ltd.

The AUTOBASE Car Washing Equipment , aims to keep the highest world quality and make the top brand of the car washing industry, to lead the industry to develop in a healthy way.

AUTOBASE has the independent autonomous intellectual property rights, the ability of the highest extremity technical studying and exploitation, the unmatched techniques, the developing ideas of considering all for customers and exploiting all kinds of automatic car washing machines which fit for all the areas of the world.

Autobase, a vehicle wash equipment brand with a long history of dozens of years and a prosperous future, is developing most rapidly among the automatic vehicle wash industry in the world.

For AUTOBAS, full automatic computer car washer, our company purchases the most advanced and stable component parts. All its electric control parts, electric machinery, pneumatic parts, air control parts and sensors are originally imported from Germany, Italy and other countries. Its mechanical drive parts and main frame are processed with filter, hot dip galvanizing and spray and baking paint, to prevent corrosion to the maximum. Only in this way can guarantee stability, entire look and service life of the AUTOBAS computer car washer.

Autobase is the main brand of Autobase Wash System Co., Ltd and is also the image brand of it. It is the advertised industrial image of the company and represents the development trend of Autobase. The vivid image also exhibits the ambitious objective of the company.

TEPO-AUTO is the T-series products as well as the principle products that Autobase are launching towards the world. It represents the most specialized products of Autobase among the vehicle wash industries.

TEPO-AUTO wash systems are also the most salable and widely applied products of Autobase, which are designed and manufactured as high-end products to meet the demands of the public, and have a wide variety of products. The credit and influence of TEPO-AUTO series products are obvious to all.

Main products: Reciprocating Car Washer, Tunnel Car Washer, Brushless High-pressure Car Washer, Drench Cleaning Line Special for Auto Production Line, Bus Washer, Professional Engineering Mechanical Cleaner, Train Washer, Sewage Circulation Purification Equipment and so on.


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